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The Right Way to Post Reviews on Social Media

Marketing Tips
1. The Right Way to Post Reviews on Social Media
2. The Four Searches You Must Check Constantly for Your Reputation
3. Citations and Directories are Imperative for SEO
4. The Secret to Getting More Reviews that Stick
5. It’s Not Just Management (at least it shouldn’t be). It’s Reputation Marketing.
6. The Right Way to Post Inventory on Social Media
7. Don’t Fear the Sea of Social Data. Utilize It.
8. Make Sure Your Social Media Links are Awesome for Mobile
9. Mix Photos, Text, Videos, and Links on Social Media

There is an amazing synergy that is possible between social media and review sites like Yelp, Dealer Rater, and Edmunds. Unfortunately, the majority of dealers and even vendors are missing out on that potential because they’re using the wrong tools.

Most review sites make it really easy to share reviews on Facebook and other social media sites. For Twitter and Google+, this is fine. With Facebook, dealers face algorithmic challenges when they post with these tools directly. The algorithm simply does not like links posted through these sites. In essence, doing so makes your posts invisible.

Facebook simply won’t serve them very often in news feeds.

Our strategy plays well with Facebook. Rather than posting directly through the review sites, we take the reviews and post the text itself into the Facebook status. We write up a personalized reply from the dealership (no cookie cutter text!) and post it like that. This dramatically increases the number of people who can see it in their news feed and exposes the actual review to hundreds, even thousands rather than the dozens that are possible when sharing links directly through the review sites.

Is it harder to do it this way? Yes. Does it increase the exposure of our clients’ reviews by a factor of 10, even a factor of 100? Absolutely!

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