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Integrated Digital Marketing to Raise Your Star Power

You can’t sell products with a shake and a signature anymore. We’ve been at this for 20 years – we know that. But, after decades of research and development, we have figured out the best solution for you:
We have combined our five choice products into one integrated solution. The car buying process has evolved into a research driven multi-month experience. Through Dealer Influence, you guide the buyer to your dealership

It’s Not 5 Services. It’s 5 Parts of 1 Service.

It’s Not 5 Services. It’s 5 Parts of 1 Service.

Conquest eMail Marketing

Reach highly targeted prospects in your market with our proven 3 touch email marketing system. From concept to execution, we deliver results.

Lead Reactivation

Reengage thousands of your leads with our Lead Igniter. Our program will warm your prospects and put your dealership in front when they are ready to buy.


Social Turbo Boost

Influence your prospects and their friends over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more with Social Turbo Boost. Put timely and relevant display and retargeting ads in front them at the right time, and on the right device.


Video Testimonials

Gain exposure to potential customers with video testimonials from happy customers. Impact new buyers by creating personal references from people who have done business with you.

Online Reputation

Control your online reviews with eRep. This product uses modern techniques that are constantly evolving based on the actions of sites like Yelp and Google+, and compliance changes made by the OEMs.

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