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About Cactus Sky Digital

Based in Baltimore Maryland, Cactus Sky offers a suite of Digital Marketing tools to assist companies in further building and expanding their online relationships, their customers, and their prospects. Cactus Sky Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency providing email marketing, online reputation management, website development, social media, and customer retention solutions. For the past 16 years, Cactus Sky Digital has adapted to emerging digital marketing technology and trends, currently leading the industry in mobile-responsive email and video testimonial development. Cactus Sky Digital utilizes behavioral targeting, mobile-enabled campaigns, social media marketing and database development/management to generate increased customer engagement and conversion.

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About Conquest eMail

Cactus Sky Digital’s Conquest eMail marketing is a distinct digital marketing channel that provides clients with measurable results and return on investment. This marketing can be targeted by consumer populations, zip code, income, and other demographics. For automotive dealers’ emails, these campaigns can also be targeted by vehicle ownership to provide clients with the opportunity to send conquest advertising to owners of competitive-make vehicles.

According to a recent study, 66% of people surveyed check their emails on a mobile device. Consumers are doing research on their mobile devices and Cactus Sky pioneered mobile adaptive email technology. The dealers using the program have seen a considerable boost in sales and it has been directly tracked to the clicks from the mobile enabled emails.

About Lead Igniter

Lead Igniter is an automated email follow-up program developed by Cactus Sky to increase dealership closing ratios and generate more dealership traffic. This proprietary program targets unsold internet leads in a dealership’s CRM and utilizes adaptive sequence messaging, a technique derived from behavioral targeting, to engage prospects and lead them down the path that ultimately ends with a vehicle sold

Lead Igniter is designed to reengage inactive CRM leads through targeted monthly sales and service messages. The average dealer has 20,000 unsold leads sitting in their CRM. These leads are consumers who have requested information about purchasing a vehicle. The industry has a 5% closing ratio on these leads, which has created a need for a better process to communicate and follow-up with these prospects. This older data can contain spam traps and invalid emails that hinder email marketing efforts and cause poor deliverability. Through database cleaning, Lead Igniter expunges these bad email addresses and leaves the dealership with a clean list of prospective sales and service customers.

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About Testimonial Builder

Testimonial Builder assists businesses in digital marketing sectors, including online reputation, video syndication, social media, consulting, training, and customer satisfaction. Testimonial Builder enables salespeople to record a customer testimonial at time of sale when they are most excited, and then promote the online video testimonial automatically. Businesses can reach and acquire new customers with video testimonials. Once uploaded, the business can showcase video testimonials on social channels or websites, and can link them to any email or digital marketing collateral. This integrated and automated program improves business’s online reputation, improving SEO and providing an interactive social media experience for customers resulting in increased sales.

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Interview on CBT News

About eReputation, LLC.

eReputation Builder is designed to proactively build, enhance, and manage a company’s online reputation. Created to boost positive online reviews and stop negative reviews from being published to the web, eReputation Builder leverages Cactus Sky’s expertise in email deliverability and incorporates mobile-friendly video email to further increase response rates.

Its proprietary system encourages customers with complaints to share their experience offline using a “Not Satisfied” button. These negative reviews are routed directly to dealership management to provide them with the opportunity to respond and correct the problem. This prevents the permanent damage that can occur by the consumer posting a negative review on an internet or survey form. With easy to monitor comprehensive reporting and an unmatched inbox placement, eReputation Builder is an irreplaceable tool that delivers results and helps ensure that the dealership’s online reputation is protected.

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About Peter “webdoc” Martin

Peter “webdoc” Martin is the Founder and President of Cactus Sky Digital, eReputation Builder and Testimonial Builder. These companies work together to help businesses acquire, manage, and retain customers online. He is a technology correspondent and digital marketing expert renowned for creating innovative programs. Martin has leveraged over 31 years of sales and marketing experience and has become a sought-after industry leader, speaker, writer, trainer, and consultant.

As the “webdoc”, Peter shares technology news and advice. The “webdoc” first aired in 1999 on ASTN (Automotive Satellite Television Network) where he provided the automotive industry with the latest online marketing news and website reviews. More recently, the Webdoc has been featured on television and radio networks including SNN6, ABC 7 News and the Joy FM as a technology correspondent. He delivers technology advice, how to directions, tips and product reviews. Martin also has collaborated with the Florida State Attorney’s Office to produce cybersecurity and online safety segments.

In 2005, Martin began sending out the popular Monday Motivational. Currently, more than 60,000 subscribers receive this weekly email to jump-start their work week.

Martin is an acclaimed speaker and marketing expert specializing in online reputation management, digital marketing trends, mobile-enabled emails, conquest email marketing, and selling to women. He has been featured at numerous training sessions including NADA, Digital Dealer, AutoCon and RVDA events. He is a contributing author to AutoSuccess Magazine, Fixed Ops Magazine, Service Drive Today, and other marketing publications.

For more information, visit:

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Vintage webdoc from 1999 on ASTN

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