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With our system

You have the ability to identify prospect’s interest
based on what they clicked.

And then use this information to help convert a shopper into a buyer. For aggressive dealers, this provides the opportunity to have a sales associate call the prospect, in some cases, while they are still on your website shopping.

Here is an example of how it works if you do it properly!

Our Client Received Real Time Clicker with the prospects name, contact information and link clicked:

Our Client was able to personally follow-up with the prospect IMMEDIATELY and with the knowledge of that customer’s interests.

The Real-Time Clicker Notification equipped our client with the tools needed to convince the prospect to visit her dealership.

The technological abilities of Lead Igniter are proven effective when utilized properly. This is just one of our happy clients who has seen instant results from our products. Can you imagine what this technology can do for your BDC? No more randomly dialing for dollars, because now your team can call people based upon what they are interested in.

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