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Early each month we send out an email campaign to potential service customers in your prospect list designed to re-engage leads through your service department.

How this unique approach works:

Professionally Written Letters
Our messages are written professionally and in a conversational tone that is appealing to our client’s demographic. We are currently working on creating campaigns catered to French-speaking individuals.

Service Coupons Page
We customize a coupon page for your dealership with the insertion of specific “free offers” designed to bring people to your store.
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Service Manager
The mass campaign is signed by your service manager and when the “drill down Service Department” messages are sent they come from his/hers dealership email in a personalized “from the desk of” template.

Why the focus on Service?

Multiple cars: The average U.S. household owns 2.28 vehicles, so even if they didn’t buy from you, they still need their vehicle serviced. A Happy Service Customer: When it comes time for your service customer to buy a new car, they will remember the dealership who has taken care of them through all of their car needs.

Vehicle Lifecycle: Today, the average consumer keeps their car an average of 10 years or more, thus increasing the need for regular service during the longer lifespan of their vehicles.

Learn More About Our Coupon Microsites:

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