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Stop Bad News

When a customer is unhappy or in some cases enraged, it has been proven that the NOT SATISFIED button and process is a great tool for preventing reviews that would cause irreparable damage to the dealership. Here are some examples of bad reviews that eRep has prevented from being published on popular review sites:

1. Ur the biggest f@*%$#@ scumbag on the face of the planet I hope u die and everyone that works for u also. Please use a hand grenade in the middle of ur dealership and make sure everyone that u kno and works for u is standing there.

2. Our new Chevy van is the absolute worse vehicle old or new we have ever purchased anywhere. A true lemon. We have been greatly inconvenienced many, many times even when the warrantee has covered the costs. We have been in and out of the local dealership.

3. Your Service department techs and your Service Advisors apparently don’t communicate well back and forth. The Service Advisor’s lie and the dealership rips people off. Frankly, your entire dealership is horrid.

4. Terrible customer service, service department is terrible. Had oil changed, they didn’t put enough oil in the car, left oil all underneath the engine, didn’t top off the coolant,it was very low. This was my first service since bought the car. Managers lie, to make themselves look good.The owner does not seem to care at all. would not recommend them unless they can do a 360 and act like they give a damn about the customer.

5. Do not want any more contact at all! We will “never” buy another car from you again. I have told as many people as possible about the bad service we received on the second vehicle we purchased. Please DO NOT respond!

6. Your sales staff lied about the gap coverage. You all provided such crappy service, that I traded my 2011 vehicle in for a new vehicle elsewhere. I would never buy another car from you.

7. We have purchased 4 cars from your dealership and due to my current credit problems no one seems to want to help me now please discontinue corresponding with me I will take my business somewhere else when my situation is better!

eRep builder allows for these reviews to be addressed by the dealership in a “private” forum. By immediately tending to these customer complaints, you are not only preventing bad reviews, but increasing the chances of that customer returning to your dealership for future business.

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