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It’s Not Just Management (at least it shouldn’t be). It’s Reputation Marketing.

Marketing Tips
1. The Right Way to Post Reviews on Social Media
2. The Four Searches You Must Check Constantly for Your Reputation
3. Citations and Directories are Imperative for SEO
4. The Secret to Getting More Reviews that Stick
5. It’s Not Just Management (at least it shouldn’t be). It’s Reputation Marketing.
6. The Right Way to Post Inventory on Social Media
7. Don’t Fear the Sea of Social Data. Utilize It.
8. Make Sure Your Social Media Links are Awesome for Mobile
9. Mix Photos, Text, Videos, and Links on Social Media

Arguably the biggest reason that our partners at Dealer Authority initially wanted to acquire a stake of eReputationBuilder to form Dealer Influence was because there’s a huge gap between what the reputation segment of the automotive industry is today and what it could be. It seems that so many dealers and vendors are focused solely on getting good reviews on the various review sites, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

In an ideal situation, it’s about reputation marketing. There’s more than just getting good reviews. The key is to take those good reviews and then put them in front of as many potential buyers as possible. That’s the key to why we built Dealer Influence in the first place. You shouldn’t settle for getting good reviews. You need to use those good reviews to drive more business to your dealership.

It’s not a new concept. It has been in play in other industries for several years now. Technically speaking, it’s older than the internet. That’s why so many advertising dollars over the decades have been spent on getting critical reviews of cars out there by the OEMs through television, radio, and print. Today, the same concept applies to individual dealerships through the internet.

With true reputation marketing, the reviews are not simply shared on Facebook. That is usually worthless; check your Facebook insights for the number of people who see the reviews that you post. It’s minimal if any. The way to position it properly is something that we’ve been working on since before the company was even formed. We’ve tested it out and the results have been phenomenal.

Before you spend another penny on reputation management alone, be sure to inquire about how we can position your good reputation in a way that can actually drive business. Getting reviews is an important defensive play, but you can use them on offense as well if you let us show you.

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