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Getting Complaints Today can Prevent Bad Reviews in the Future

We often tell our clients that we’ll get them more complaints than any other reputation management company. Of course, this has to be explained because nobody wants to get complaints from their customers… unless they’re really interested in maintaining a strong online reputation.

The majority of negative reviews that happen on reviews sites could have been stopped if someone at the dealership gave the customer an opportunity to vent. Sometimes, those opportunities are not easy to come by. We don’t always know that a customer is dissatisfied based solely on their actions while at the dealership.

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Upset Service Customer

Sometimes You Just Have to Let Customers Vent

Despite how they might make you feel sometimes, your customers aren’t really out to get you. Much of the stigma that has been in place over the past few decades has been lifted from the car business and consumers are having better overall experiences now than ever before. That doesn’t mean that we or any other business can be perfect.

The rise of our digital voice has made it very easy for people to express their opinions about car dealers and how they were treated. These opinions can often reach large audiences, which is why reputation has become one of the most important aspects of a dealership’s online presence. It’s also the one that gives us the least amount of control.

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Bottom Line

Why We’re Looking at LotLinx

When LotLinx really started hitting the scene at the beginning of the year, we were skeptical. Our partners at Dealer Authority jumped on it, but we’ve seen too many products and services come and go over the years to think that there’s anything new under the Sun.

After doing a deeper dive and talking to some of our clients who are on the system, we’ve decided to take a closer look. The model seems to be sound. Dealers seem to be happy. The buzz around the industry has been positive.

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The Social Media Contest Trap is Finally Dying

There has been a trap in place for years that has sprung on more businesses in general and car dealers in particular over the years than just about anything else in social media. A good percentage have fallen into this trap and now it may finally be over. Thankfully.

It’s the contest trap. Too many companies have promoted it over the years. It’s not just the fact that it’s not effective. It can be harmful.

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