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The Social Media Contest Trap is Finally Dying

There has been a trap in place for years that has sprung on more businesses in general and car dealers in particular over the years than just about anything else in social media. A good percentage have fallen into this trap and now it may finally be over. Thankfully.

It’s the contest trap. Too many companies have promoted it over the years. It’s not just the fact that it’s not effective. It can be harmful.

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Make Sure Your Social Media Links are Awesome for Mobile

Have you ever been on your smartphone browsing Facebook or Twitter, clicked on a link, and were taken to a page on a website that didn’t render properly on your device? Even worse, have you ever clicked on a link thinking that you were going to be getting content only to find that you were redirected to the homepage of the website?

Welcome to 2012. The way that technology has been advancing, one would think that websites and companies would have social and mobile figured out by now, but there are too many out there that do not have a clue. Yes, they’re still three years behind and many of them are showing no signs of modernizing, particularly in the automotive industry.

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