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Consistency in Posting is a Social Media Must

Dealer Social Media
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3. Consistency in Posting is a Social Media Must

Do you know what makes Starbucks special for so many people. It’s not really the coffee. It’s average at best compared to most non-chain coffee shops and it’s probably below average compared to smaller chains. The thing that they do the best is deliver a consistent product.

The same thing can be applied to social media. We have premium services available that have us posting at regular intervals. At the top end, we post daily. On the other side of the spectrum, we post twice a week. The difference between the two is that one is focused on more content and the other is focused on strong content. Both strategies have their benefits.

We are also in discussions to offer the LotVantage social media solution. This is an automated posting tool that allows us to put 1,2, or 3 posts up per day. While we strongly encourage dealers to have a manual posting strategy, there are thousands of dealers around the country who do not want to invest the time or a good chunk of money to the front end of social media, so our partnership with LotVantage will allow from them to have a cost-effective way to post to Facebook and Twitter every day.

The key to all of these is consistency. All too often we see dealers who are posting in batches. They’ll post four or five things in a day or two, then go stagnant for a couple of weeks. We call this the “oh crap” approach. In other words, someone says, “Oh crap, we haven’t posted to social media in a while. Get something up, quick.”

Whether you’re going with the aggressive approach that puts manual effort into posts every day or a couple of times a week or the cost-effective approach of automating your posts to Facebook and Twitter, you have to remain consistent. The worst-case scenario is if you’re posting with an “oh crap” mentality. That’s how social media fails.

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