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The Right Way to Post Reviews on Social Media

There is an amazing synergy that is possible between social media and review sites like Yelp, Dealer Rater, and Edmunds. Unfortunately, the majority of dealers and even vendors are missing out on that potential because they’re using the wrong tools.

Most review sites make it really easy to share reviews on Facebook and other social media sites. For Twitter and Google+, this is fine. With Facebook, dealers face algorithmic challenges when they post with these tools directly. The algorithm simply does not like links posted through these sites. In essence, doing so makes your posts invisible.

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The Four Searches You Must Check Constantly for Your Reputation

It’s very common for businesses to hear about the reviews they received on this site or that and decide that they must get better reviews on that site. If someone has 300 reviews with a 4.9-star rating on Dealer Rater and we have 1 review with a 2-star rating on CitySearch, they might instantly jump on the latter one to try to get more reviews.

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The Secret to Getting More Reviews that Stick

There are trends happening in the automotive industry when it comes to reputation management that very few vendors are discussing. In fact, we say “very few” because we haven’t actually seen anyone else talking about it, but it’s there and it’s glaring.

Reviews are becoming harder to get for some sites. Yelp, Google+, and others are tightening up the way that they allow reviews to be visible. Just because someone reviews your dealership doesn’t necessarily mean that the sites are going to allow those reviews to be visible.

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