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The Social Media Contest Trap is Finally Dying

There has been a trap in place for years that has sprung on more businesses in general and car dealers in particular over the years than just about anything else in social media. A good percentage have fallen into this trap and now it may finally be over. Thankfully.

It’s the contest trap. Too many companies have promoted it over the years. It’s not just the fact that it’s not effective. It can be harmful.

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The Right Way to Post Reviews on Social Media

There is an amazing synergy that is possible between social media and review sites like Yelp, Dealer Rater, and Edmunds. Unfortunately, the majority of dealers and even vendors are missing out on that potential because they’re using the wrong tools.

Most review sites make it really easy to share reviews on Facebook and other social media sites. For Twitter and Google+, this is fine. With Facebook, dealers face algorithmic challenges when they post with these tools directly. The algorithm simply does not like links posted through these sites. In essence, doing so makes your posts invisible.

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