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Negative Reviews

The Benefits of Negative Online Reviews: @RalphPaglia

Reputation Management
1. The Benefits of Negative Online Reviews: @RalphPaglia
2. Promoting Reviews on Social Media is More than a Push of a Button
3. Don’t Get Scammed into the Wrong Review Sites
4. Is Social Media the Key to Reviews that Stick?
5. Sometimes You Just Have to Let Customers Vent
6. Getting Complaints Today can Prevent Bad Reviews in the Future

It goes against our gut instinct. The concept of gaining benefit from bad online reviews doesn’t make sense on the surface. Negative reviews are detrimental to a car dealer’s business… or is it?

Medical science has shown that too much salt in our diet has a negative effect on our health. However, some salt in moderation can give food good flavor. That’s the analogy that Ralph Paglia used to start off this video about the benefits that negative reviews can have on a dealership’s reputation.

Turn a negative into a positive. Here’s Ralph explaining how:

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