May 14, 2015 10:13 PM

We are not unsatisfied with your service, however, we are taking the trailer back for tons of adjustments. The floor squeeks, the tail light is out, a cushion was scraped badly, a window wont shut, the porch light wont go off, molding on one side expands in heat to leave a gap, torn corrogated plastic under trailer…More than that. With the cost of the trailer I expected higher quality…I am disappointed. Also Blue Dog offers lifetime warranty…we were not offered this just last month when we bought ours.



Apr 28, 2015 9:04 PM

my brake or my light did not work at all. took it to be repaired and they found out it had a wire broke on the trailer. which broke and caught fire. findlly got it fixed.



Apr 28, 2015 3:54 PM

We purchased our brand-new Forest Riiver Wildcat RV July 4 of 2014 we took it camping one time and when we un-winterized for the start of this season it had been leaking all winter and now we can’t get anybody to fix it properly. It had been leaking all winter because the slide was not put on correctly according to the shop in Hayden it had mold in the cabinets and was wet through out. We have had it in the blue dog shop in hayden for a month they sent it to Oregon and now they have had for a month, and now I can’t get anybody to answer me of when I might get my RV back and I’m still paying a payment every month so yes I am very upset


Apr 5, 2015 6:06 PM

Well, I took my RV in for three problems
1- leakage inside RV
2- Refrigerator not working on gas mode
3- the latch for side entry to the RV
I was charged $135 for inspection which I was told they will fix what they can if not I pay for extra hours of labor. and then I was charged another $200 for repairing the Refrigerator and the leakage which I was told it is from toilet, I paid for the parts and labor of $200. but after three days it was the same as before refrigerator was not working and the leakage was still there and the latch was jamming, still.
I went back and explained the problems again, I was charged for parts to fix the refrigerator but the latch and the leakage did not get fixed and yet I was charged at first visit to the problems that I pointed out. I am not sure if I explained myself properly, but if you call me I can talk about it more. My RV still has the leakage and the door latch jammed.
Please don’t miss understand me, the people at BlueDog RV are wonderful they did their best to accommodate me, but the corporate policy limited them from doing more, such as fixing the leak and the door jammed


Mar 12, 2015 11:42 PM

Your service center is amazing! Eric and Tammy have been excellent with every service issue I have had with my trailer. Excellent people and managers!
In fact I like them so much, we have become business partners as they purchase TVs at my store (Best Buy), and I give them a significant discount.

However, I cannot say the same for the way my sale transaction took place last March. In short.. I originally bought a 23 Salem, and then changed my mind and wanted the 26Tbud. I never even took possession of the 23, however I was only able to “trade” it in on the 26Tbud for 2K less then I paid for it. The GM Jeff told me it was because of title issues and warranty issues as they now had to sell it as a used trailer.
I checked with the DMV, there was never a title transfer, I called Salems (forest river) warranty dept and there was never a registered owner for the warranty on that 23′ trailer.
In short, I feel lied to.. And feel like I was taken advantage of.. It’s only 2K, but I think it’s absolutely ridiculous. I have considered contacting the better business bureau, or the attorney generals office… But frankly have not taken the time.
I would not recommend anyone to purchase an RV from your company due to this situation.

However, your service department is amazing, and I would highly recommend them to my family, friends, employees, and customers!



One of the worst experiences of my life.

I can’t believe that a simple cash purchase has degraded to this level !

It’s truly sad.

We are currently looking to upgrade both vehicles in our family, the second purchase will be with a different vendor.

Mar 5, 2015 6:06 PM


Mar 5, 2015 12:11 PM

Had van in 3 times for rattle noise you finally figured out it was a rear shock you didn’t have it in Stock some one was supposed to call this week no call very unhappy we service so far we also had a scratch when we first bout van you were busy at that time so I was a nice guy and said we would wait go figure no call on it either I bought the extended warranty and really question your commitment to service



I am satisfied with the work that was done, but I am not satisfied with the cost. More and more I have noticed the cost of the service more than I believe it should cost. I have some members in my family that are mechanics, but I go to you b/c of your convenience and promptness. Also since I bought my car from your location and have it serviced there for just about everything it would be nice to have your service employees offer discounts that are in your flyers, rather than me having to go on line to look from prior flyers and telling them to apply the discount. I will be in need for a new car in the next year (current Honda Accord with over 145,000 miles). Your service promptness and convenience is second to none, but I am contemplating if I want to deal with a 2nd Toyota (within our family) and the cost of high service prices.

Mar 5, 2015 10:19 AM