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Cactus Sky Digital Introduces Email Retargeting

For the past 14 years, Cactus Sky Digital has been the innovative leader in email marketing and continues to provide its clients with the latest technology to help grow and strengthen their businesses.

Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to reach consumers and has a longer shelf life than other forms of marketing such as direct mail and PPC ads. As the automotive industry evolves, consumers have greater control over the types of advertising they see and have the ability to opt-in and -out of campaigns as they please. At Cactus Sky Digital, we take email marketing to the next level through Email Retargeting and Prospect Activity Tracking to reach consumers in the most effective way using critical information about the consumer and their specific, expressed interests to convert more qualified leads.

“Retargeting has been around for years. We have all had PPC ads follow us around on Facebook and YouTube,” said Peter “Webdoc” Martin, President of Cactus Sky Digital, “Email retargeting takes this to the next level. If they visited your website, they are a hand-raiser. They want your product. Reaching customers in their inbox is the best way to convert these quality leads.”

Currently, the average website conversion rate is a little more than 2% ( . This means that the majority of those who visit your website are not performing your desired action. With our email retargeting we are able to give you a second chance to follow up with these leads after they return to your website. This is accomplished by placing a tracking cookie on the prospect’s browser after they have clicked on a link in the email marketing campaign. Your dealership will then receive a Prospect Activity Report every time the prospect returns to your website with a detailed report of what pages within your website they visited. In addition the system can deploy a targeted, high-impact email message at the same time.

Dealers know that the top four most important determining factors for prospects to click on are New Vehicles, Pre-Owned Vehicles, Value My Trade, and Service Specials. These indicate whether you are dealing with a sales or a service prospect and how far into the buying funnel they are. Pair our Prospect Activity Tracking with our Email Retargeting and your dealership will have the important tools your dealership needs to nurture leads and close more deals.


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