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Dealer Influence Launches to Revolutionize Automotive Reputation Management

Bradenton, FL (April 16) – Online reputation is growing as an influential factor for American car buyers. Dealers have found that dissatisfied customers are more likely to leave online reviews than satisfied customers. These negative reviews are impacting dealership sales and service operations as consumers avoid dealerships with bad reviews. To encourage an increase in real reviews that represent the overall sentiment of the customer, eReputationBuilder has introduced an enhanced product that proactively builds the online presence of car dealers: Dealer Influence.

Earlier this year, Dealer Authority acquired an equity stake in eReputationBuilder. Since, they have been combining their software solutions and digital marketing strategies to form a full-service online presence package they call “Dealer Influence.” Dealer Influence is an automotive reputation, SEO and social media management product designed specifically for the automotive industry. By combining these three major disciplines into a cohesive marketing system, automotive dealerships no longer have to buy several products to cover what they need in online reputation. It’s everything in one.

“Our goal is to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts when it comes to a dealership’s digital presence,” said JD Rucker, Founder of Dealer Authority. “Many services today are offering little social media with their reputation management product, or perhaps, some reputation monitoring with their social media product. But Dealer Influence will make search, social and reputation work together to improve each.”

eReputationBuilder is the first and only fully-integrated email marketing system that encourages car dealership customers to leave reviews on websites such as Yelp, Google Local, and DealerRater. In the event that a consumer is “not satisfied,” they are directed to contact the dealership and give them the opportunity to remedy the situation before publishing a negative review to the Internet. Dealer Authority is an Internet marketing agency that focuses on search, social and website marketing. By combining these two thought-leaders, an advanced online reputation management tool is born.

“When I first launched eReputationBuilder back in 2012, it was solely focused on leveraging our email marketing expertise to generate reviews so not to compete with other companies that were dabbling in the ORM arena” Peter Martin, President and founder of eReputationBuilder said. “As more and more clients signed on, we realized how big a need there is in the automotive industry for a fully integrated and automated reputation management service. The only components this product lacked were SEO and social media. Our partnership with Dealer Authority has closed that gap and now we are now able to offer a complete product designed specifically for the automotive industry. There’s nothing else like it.”

About eReputationBuilder

eReputationBuilder is designed to proactively build, enhance and manage a company’s online reputation. Created to boost positive online reviews and limit negative reviews from being published to the web, eReputationBuilder leverages Cactus Sky’s expertise in email deliverability and incorporates mobile-friendly video email to further increase response rates. It encourages customers with complaints to voice their experience using a “Not Satisfied” button and routes those negative reviews directly to dealership management. This provides dealers with the opportunity to respond before reputation damage occurs. With easy to monitor comprehensive reporting and an unmatched inbox placement, eReputationBuilder is an irreplaceable tool that delivers results.

About Dealer Authority

Dealer Authority is a full-service automotive Internet marketing agency that focuses on quality instead of quantity. When it comes to search, social, and website marketing, their hands-on approach helps dealers expand their reach to take giant chunks of their market as well as their competitor’s markets. An extreme attention to detail tempered by a constant focus on the changing marketing environment can only be achieved through manual effort and innovative strategy. Dealer Authority thrives on the newest digital marketing technologies to bring cutting-edge strategies directly to their clients as they happen.


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