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Came in lease a jeep. When it came time to look at my ’05 Laredo I was offered a embarrassingly low price. this proved to be a deal breaker considering that I bought the Laredo from you and only brought in to your dealership foe service. Wont ever consider RCJ in the future.

I was sold a certified used 2008 Chrysler lemon of a car went over and over to dealership nothing was ever covered nobody cared I did get some reimbursement from Chrysler corp but dealership svc terrible I got rid if car and will never buy from that dealership ever again

I came in to get new tires put on my car. When I made my appointment and placed the order for my tires, I notified both people that I wanted nitrogen in my tires. It took two hours to the tires and alignment to get done. The service guy came to the waiting room to inform me that I needed an alignment. Which I agreed to. Then 2 hours later when I get home, I noticed that they put regular air i my tires vs Nitrogen. I called the dealership all frustrated that I wasted 2 hours waiting only to have to come back and get Nitrogen put in my tires. My old tires had Nitrogen in my tires. Why did the service guy not inquire about the Nitrigen when he came to talk to me about the alignment. I knew it was an additional cost but I was willing to pay it. The service guy offered me $10 off but that offer does not make up for the 1 hour I have to waste waiting for Nitrogen to be put in my tires. The only reason I got my new tires done at the dealership is because that is the only place I can get Nitrogen in my tires. Very disappointed in the lack of customer service.

They left both sides of my seats hanging off because they had to order parts so now when you sit in the seats it rubs against the leather scratching it . They say it may take a week to get parts the should have put it back together. Been a very loyal customer but don’t know now

I had a 3:00 appt. it took 1 1/2 hours to change my oiil. I know oil changes come with buying a new car, but i don’t have an hour and a half to waste to have it done. If this is how long it ‘s going to take every time i’ll just have to get it done somewhere else. I also asked someone about a scratch in my car. they said they would find out and never came back.

I have had my van in for the same issue 3 times now; low tire pressure light is on. The last time it cost me over $200! After picking up the my van and being told that the problem was “resolved,” 3 days later the warning light is back on! Either you people at (Dealership) Toyota fix this with no charge, or YOU LOST A CUSTOMER OF 20 YEARS!

Sent my daughter to you to purchase a vehicle. I thought treating women as no-nothing purchasers went out a long time ago. Apparently, not at your dealership. Very sad!!!

Last time I was at (Dealership) Toyota, I was in for an oil change and asked them to see if they can get my license plate off the back. They said if they had to saw it off, they would have to drill new holes and it would cost a lot. I asked that they try and dont cut or drill. The girl comes out and says they would have to drill so I opted not to have them do anything. I go out to my car and my back plate is bent in half and screw is cut off! I had to go to another repair place and they fixed it in 10 minute and didnt charge me anything! I will not be returning to (Dealership) Toyota!


I will never recommend this dealer to anybody. They lie to their clients in order to make sales.

This is not a complaint just a comment. I now know that I did not have to have an oil change with the Synthetic oil. (Employee) insisted that I had to have this. I feel he may have been motivated by the higher price. He is the only Honda rep to insist that I have this synthetic oil. My husband research this on Honda’s general website and on pg. 202 of my owner’s manual it is not stated that synthetic oil must be used. The manual states that Honda Motor Oil 5W-20 is preferred. I’m pleased with the work so this is why I did not previously respond. The only issue is the oil change. In the future I WILL INSIST THAT THE RECOMMENDATION OF THE MANUAL BE FOLLOWED. 5W-20 OIL for an oil change.

I was doing fine until your Finance Depart. torpedoed me… and then your Service Depart.. tried BSing my better-half… I used a portion of my 401k as a down payment on my CRV.. The money wouldn’t be in the bank for 2 weeks.. (Employee) wanted a check to hold until the money came in.. The check got cashed!!! And I was running up and back to the bank to get this straightened out.. and almost ruined my (nearly ) prefect credit rating !! I had a hitch put on by your Service Dept.. After getting the car back, I noticed the muffler hanging down. The car went back and your Service Dept.. said.. “The rubber muffler mounting grommets are lubricated and the muffler slipped off the rubber mounts!!??? I know the muffler has to be taken down to but the trailer hitch on … Bottom line after putting on the hitch they didn’t but the muffler on … I thought that for all the running around with the bank, and almost ruining my good credit rating.. Getting BSed by your Service Dept.. And all the Emotional distress..There would be some monetary compensation.. Other than.. (Dealership) Honda saying that they would compensate me for any checks that were bounced.. Do to your Finance Dept… But I received no compensation at all. I’m Not a happy camper.. and would not recommend (Dealership) Honda to any one.. This was my First New Car, My first Foreign Car. It should have been a special experience.. But Not At (Dealership) Honda !!

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