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Most of the time when I come in they give me a list of things that the car needs which is usually at least $600 to $2000.00. My car is been running fine. I am getting to the point where I don’t know if they are being honest. I have took car to other places on several occasions and they have said that it was not needed done at that time.

i wentt for a oil change, after one hour and ten minutes the service rep came out and showed me a printout the the cabin filter needed replacement, air filter, and my ventalation system needed cleening. I stated to the service rep that funny i replaced the cabin filter a month ago. as far as the air filter i will replace it myself, then i stated as far as the ventalation system with only 20121 miles then that should fall under the 360000 3 year totyota plan the rep stated it doesnt because its maintenace and it would be about $64.00. I said clean it but i will send an email to toyota asking why after 20000 miles this unit need cleaning and my 2009 camry didnt and 2007 corrolla didnt.
I will never recommend this dealer to anybody. They lie to their clients in order to make sales.

Just wanted to let you know that I complained after my first visit, as the battery drain problem was not fixed. Upon my second visit, I was told a sensor on my parking brake was draining my battery and that the DME would need to be reprogrammed. I was told the Dinan tune on my car would be erased during the reprogramming, so I had to visit a different BMW dealership which sold me the tune to get all this work done. It turns out that the parking brake sensor was in working order and no DME programming was required. The battery was changed on my car and that fixed the entire problem. That said, you folks should have caught this during my first visit, and surely by my second visit. I do not trust your service department in the least, and that is putting it mildly.

Awful. The GM called and left a voice mail regarding a fee. He then attempted to hang up. His conversation is sill recorded on my voice mail and I heard the entire conversation between him and (employee name) about what he thinks about me and my business, other customers and the BMW dealership. Totally unprofessional and absurd that he thinks I should feel honored to take the car to his dealership. Maybe instead of insulting customers he should take the time to learn how to use a speaker phone correctly.

You ordered a window to replace mine that was broken… that’s good. You called me to bring the car down and get it replaced… so far so good. I send the car to Shreveport (90 miles from where I live) Then you called me and told me there was a problem… my window could not be replaced because a broken or unsuitable part was shipped to you. Well I am not happy.. Why did you call me without checking the shipment that came in (you said that checking the shipment was part of your protocol.)?? I needed my car for the weekend to travel out of town. Janice tells me I could just keep the rental car which had been rented to us for the few hours while my car was supposed to have been fixed. Meaning drive the rental car for the weekend and then drive the 90 miles back to Shreveport to get the window replaced. That’s the dumbest proposal you should ever make to a Benz owner… Why am I riding in the Benz then???? I could be riding three of any type of care for the price of a Benz… In fact I also have a 2012 Toyota which I keep for guests and whatever else… I was absolutely not going to return on another day to get this done… Well after all that was said an done, the car was fixed same day and sent back… No word of apology… None… Mistakes happen to all of us everyday but it’s poor business when you or your manager cannot get on the phone and apologize for a mistake you made. Mercedes has a certain quality of customer service that all dealers are compelled to uphold.. This type of service does not meet the standards of mercedes Benz service. I’m sorry!

My new Pilot has developed a very jerky ride almost like it is missing or trying to shift in and out of gears. It does it most notably between 40 and 55 mph. I am scheduled to bring it in for service Saturday; however, I am afraid this is a defect in the design as evident from many chat rooms. We’ll see this weekend. I do not intend to pay that much for a vehicle that rides like it does.

I will never step foot into your dealership again. I was very rudely treated by the service manager the last time we had my car serviced at your dealership. Even if I was wrong I will not allow someone that I pay money to treat me the way I was treated. There is nothing that can be done to make me feel differenty about your service department. Your manager showed me that the owners have no controll of the people that work for them and the ownership has no appreication for it’s local customers. I will stay loyal to Toyota just not to this dealership Please take me off your mailing list.

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