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My experience with you guys was fine until I met the finance woman. I expected her to push some extended warranties on us, but after 20 minutes of telling her no I finally said “My brother is an auto-tech, he takes care of my cars for me. Your finance woman replied with “Wel,, maybe he can pay for it too”. I shrugged it off at first because I wasn’t sure that I heard that correctly. But after we were done my wife mentioned it to me. Looking back, I should have gotten up and walked out on that deal. that was rude, unprofessional and disrespectful. Since then I’ve been turning people away from your dealership and that was a little over a year ago. NEVER will I come to you for a car again.

I wanted a answer why my rear defogger didn’t work and all he told me was it’s getting 12 volts and that’s all we can do.

Had oil changed on the 2014 (car) and found the front bumper is now showing a scratch on the lower left , and the left front tire also has a gouge in it . Damaged when the car was driven into the shop and pulled into the mechanic’s stall. The bumper is going to have to be repaired.

Have service contract which seems to be of no use. Loose covered part probably caused damage to rear $500 brake job. The deductible was more than the covered part consequently contract useless. This is a two year old Town & Country. Rear brakes are shot before the front brakes? Try and kid someone else would you ? Something is rotten in Denmark. This is my third T & C , perhaps my last.

I made an appointment over a week ago to get my car fixed and requested a rental vehicle because it’s the only car I have. Now you guys have put off my appointment for two days and the whole reason you guys made me make an appointment was to make sure I had a rental vehicle now my car is still broke and you guys still don’t have a rental for me so who knows how many more days you will put me off. The last time I brought my car in I had to go pay for a rental somewhere else n coated me hundreds of dollars . It’s suppose to be included in my warranty I don’t think it’s fair that I should be waiting like this I think it’s very poor business I’ve never had to wait for a rental at any other dealership

you guys SUCK big time, we were lied to had car for one week paper work done signed and everything. told things weren’t accepted which was bull, again falling on people lieing and etc. would not and have told people to watch out for (dealership) dodge.

Your employees sold me a total loss vehicle without disclosing this information. Had I known the vehicle was a total loss I would not have purchased it and now I will never do business with your again, nor will I recommend you to any friends or family. If you knew the vehicle was a total loss and sold it anyway without disclosing, you are a despicable dealership. If you did not know it was a total loss then you are a poor excuse for a dealership in not knowing the vehicles you sell. Please feel free to call so I can complain about this over multiple medias. Because of this I received little trade-in value because no self-respecting dealership accepts a total loss like you did.

worst buying experience of my life. I sent a detailed e-mail to Dodge HQ.

I am contacting the BBB and filing a complaint. My father and I bought a car and were promised repairs. Your dealership has not lived up on that promise and kept the money you added into the loan for yourself. I have called and left message and anytime we get a call back it’s always some one else trying to sell us a car instead of doing the right thing.

While my van was being serviced the internet went down. I was completely shocked that customers were actually being turned away because of this. The receptionist wasn’t able to look up prices,etc. I would have expected there to be some protocol to follow when situation like this occur. Also, my husband noticed that the van was leaking oil the next day. He discovered that the bolt/nut/screw holding up the oil pan was very loose, causing oil to leak out. I trust that when my vehicle is serviced, it is coming back to me without any other issues or problems that could arise from someone’s negligence. I have been a customer for many years, and will continue to be. Please remind the service techs to be more diligent and not overlook the little things.

I have found the customer service to be very friendly but I do have some issues My primary issue is the quality of the vehicle that I purchased. I have owned it much less than a year and it has a number of rattles that even my 14 year old Chevy doesn’t have. When I brought it in to have them fixed the issue wasn’t resolved. I will schedule another appointment to have the issue taken care of but I’m not pleased with the product that I purchased. This may be the last Ford product that I ever purchase.

You send me a $2500 promotional check. When presented, we were told, “oh, that’s already been applied. That’s why the magnetic sticker was on the car.” Bull. I should have gotten that off the final price. Lies and false advertising. Wish we’d gone to (two other dealerships).

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