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Social Media Inventory

The Right Way to Post Inventory on Social Media

You probably have a widget on some of your social media accounts that lists your inventory. Mission accomplished, right? Wrong.

The reality is that very few (if any) people actually click through to the tabs on your social media pages. In fact, very few even look at your social media pages at all. On Facebook, for example, the vast majority of the action that happens with your page happens through the news feeds of individual users. They aren’t clicking through to your profile. If they see your posts in their news feed, they can interact with them in some way, but they aren’t going to visit your page.

The majority of traffic that goes to the actual social media pages comes from either links on your website or search engines when people do a search for the dealership by name. They aren’t getting there naturally. As a result, they’re not there to look at your inventory.

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