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you guys SUCK big time, we were lied to had car for one week paper work done signed and everything. told things weren’t accepted which was bull, again falling on people lieing and etc. would not and have told people to watch out for (dealership) dodge.

Your employees sold me a total loss vehicle without disclosing this information. Had I known the vehicle was a total loss I would not have purchased it and now I will never do business with your again, nor will I recommend you to any friends or family. If you knew the vehicle was a total loss and sold it anyway without disclosing, you are a despicable dealership. If you did not know it was a total loss then you are a poor excuse for a dealership in not knowing the vehicles you sell. Please feel free to call so I can complain about this over multiple medias. Because of this I received little trade-in value because no self-respecting dealership accepts a total loss like you did.

worst buying experience of my life. I sent a detailed e-mail to Dodge HQ.

I am contacting the BBB and filing a complaint. My father and I bought a car and were promised repairs. Your dealership has not lived up on that promise and kept the money you added into the loan for yourself. I have called and left message and anytime we get a call back it’s always some one else trying to sell us a car instead of doing the right thing.

While my van was being serviced the internet went down. I was completely shocked that customers were actually being turned away because of this. The receptionist wasn’t able to look up prices,etc. I would have expected there to be some protocol to follow when situation like this occur. Also, my husband noticed that the van was leaking oil the next day. He discovered that the bolt/nut/screw holding up the oil pan was very loose, causing oil to leak out. I trust that when my vehicle is serviced, it is coming back to me without any other issues or problems that could arise from someone’s negligence. I have been a customer for many years, and will continue to be. Please remind the service techs to be more diligent and not overlook the little things.

To Who it concerns : I got the worst service i have ever gotten at a dealership from (Dealership) in Mt Vernon,In. I bought a car from there, and i was kinda talked into buying the Zylion car protectant…!!!! What a big mistake that was on my part……Would never do that again,,,, Well anyway they was suppose to contact me to come and get this stuff put on( which takes 4 hrs) ….plus get a few other things done to the car that the salesman Randy said they would take care of………. Well they never did contact me and it was 3 weeks since i bought the car !!… i finally had to call them to get this stuff done to my car ! Great Service So Far Huh…..!! Well i finally get the car in and they give me a loaner because its gonna take a while to do the stuff they got to do to the car……….(which i get back the following week) WOW…..Do i get it back alright…!!!! MY HOOD HAS DEEP SCRATCHES IN IT…….SCRATCHES ON THE DOORS BY THE HANDLES…….AND BIG SCRATCH IN THE TRUNK LID…..!!!!! REALLY GREAT SERVICE……!!!!! Plus they didnt apply the so called Zylion to the rocker panels or to the wheel wells…..PLUS they didnt even wipe any the grime from the places that it had on it…..!!!! WOW…….HERE i go again…….Finally get a hold of Randy the salesman that i got it from and we set up another time to bring the car in so they can try to get the SCRATCHES OUT… the car needed a frontend lined up on it and they was gonna do that to while they had it………Stuff in the front end that Randy said that they would take care of…….!!!! Well i finally get a call saying that my car is done and i can come and get it……..!!! WOW…..the car was even worse this time..!!! IT LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE HIT SOMETHING WITH THE FRONT BUMPER……..SPIDERWEBBED THE PAINT AND PUT NICE 2 1/2 INCH PAINT SCRAPE……IN IT…….!!!!! PLUS THEY CHARGED ME 49 BUCKS FOR DOING IT……!!!!!!! GREAT SERVICE DONT YOU THINK….!!! NOW TELL ME……HOW DO YOU FIX THIS PROBLEM………VERY UNHAPPY WITH THE CAR……!!!!!!

I felt ripped off the last time we came in for service. We are going to be buying another vehicle in the next month, but our long, long 20 year association with (Dealer) will be terminated due to this last visit-including buying a new vehicle. All this based on me feeling ripped off for “service fees” that really told me what I already knew at hundreds of dollars cost to me. I don’t care to talk to you as you can’t fix this.

I will no longer be doing business with you. On Saturday, June 15, the finance manager in finishing up & signing final papers, was asked as we were concerned that he might not get all necessary information since it was on a Saturday. We asked him if it would be a problem & he said he had ways of getting around if & not to worry as there would be no problem. We called a week later to make sure that there would be no problems. Mind you, during that week, (& not all Saturdays) they said everything was fine. Three weeks later, we got a bill for $319. If he couldn’t be more accurate than that, maybe he should not work on Saturdays. From all this I’ve told you, I am just a little aggravated. I look at it like this – he could have let us know of any issues that following monday which did not take place. It seemed he was only interested in selling a car and not really in dealing with customers.

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