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I appreciate someone finally being interested to ask about my experience. Nothing about my last leasing experience has been positive. I initially chose to lease a BMW believing I would be driving a reliable, dependable vehicle. This vehicle has been a complete disappointment. I have safety concerns for myself and my passengers. My problems with this vehicle have been numerous, and I feel that my concerns and complaints have been ignored or dismissed. As a downstate customer, I cannot help but wonder if my location is not a factor.

The rental car we were given was not clean inside. The passenger seat was not clean and the molding by the shift stuck was sticky and sandy. We are not chronic complainers, however, it just doesn’t feel right that OUR car came to you much cleaner than the car we received.

I bought a pre-owned BMW X5 (30000 miles) without a functioning horn, noisy wheels and extra hard steering. If I buy a certified pre-owned car I expect that all those flaws are checked before the car goes on sale. The horn was fixed but the noisy wheels are still there. Some secretary told me that is because of the tires. This is a sloppy excuse thinking the costumer is an idiot and does not know better! I also have driven many X5 before and none of them was so hard to steer. I guess one more costumer screwed…I certainly will not buy another car and bring any of my cars to you for service. Thanks!

Hi, My air conditioner needed to charged,and that took 3 HRS. I asked for a loaner but the service guy thought I was being silly asking for a loaner, (Other Dealer) ,has better customer service,I did let the person who was helping me know that the service was terrible, My sister is in the process of buying a 328i,her salesman is (name) from (city) I told her you guys had terrible customer servicer,or your cars sell so good that you don’t need any new customers

I’m not happy with your auto group!! from the time I bough my car I’ve had to bring it back for repairs 3 to 4 times a year. I don’t want to hear about you must be able to afford this car when buying one. I did not buy the car to have it in the repair shop as much as I have.

The worst service ever. Nothing Nice to say horrible would never bring my car back here ever.

I purchased a new I-Phone a couple of weeks ago and needed a little help connecting it with my telephone in my 2013 BMW 528i. I called your service department on a Saturday and everyone in your service department was to busy to get on the phone for acouple of minutes to assist me. I figured it out myself later that day. Your dealership should remember ” You never get a second chance to make a first impression” or it’s a long time before that second chance comes again.

The service advisor was extremely rude, condescending and dismissive. I mentioned that I didn’t think that my car was getting the gas mileage it should, and she basically told me I knew nothing about cars and that there could be nothing wrong with the car that would result in diminished fuel efficiency. When I told that I could name a number of problems that would do just that, she actually said the following to me: “I will got our service manager – maybe he can explain it to you in a way that you will understand”. I dropped my car off at 9:00 AM. At 6:00 PM, I still hadn’t received an update on whether my car was ready. I had to call the salesperson that sold me the car to get an update. He didn’t have one, but he called me the next day Overall, it was an extremely unprofessional and unpleasant experience. I will think twice before I bring my car back here for service (or trade-in).

Service was done as promised but I ask if I can have my old part back, never got it back and no one is even returning to my voicemails.. there is a spot on the top of the engine that looks like a there could by a bolt missing never seen that before the service tried to contact bmw representative never got a call back

Just wanted to let you know that I complained after my first visit, as the battery drain problem was not fixed. Upon my second visit, I was told a sensor on my parking brake was draining my battery and that the DME would need to be reprogrammed. I was told the Dinan tune on my car would be erased during the reprogramming, so I had to visit a different BMW dealership which sold me the tune to get all this work done. It turns out that the parking brake sensor was in working order and no DME programming was required. The battery was changed on my car and that fixed the entire problem. That said, you folks should have caught this during my first visit, and surely by my second visit. I do not trust your service department in the least, and that is putting it mildly.

Awful. The GM called and left a voice mail regarding a fee. He then attempted to hang up. His conversation is sill recorded on my voice mail and I heard the entire conversation between him and (employee name) about what he thinks about me and my business, other customers and the BMW dealership. Totally unprofessional and absurd that he thinks I should feel honored to take the car to his dealership. Maybe instead of insulting customers he should take the time to learn how to use a speaker phone correctly.

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