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I will no longer be doing business with you. On Saturday, June 15, the finance manager in finishing up & signing final papers, was asked as we were concerned that he might not get all necessary information since it was on a Saturday. We asked him if it would be a problem & he said he had ways of getting around if & not to worry as there would be no problem. We called a week later to make sure that there would be no problems. Mind you, during that week, (& not all Saturdays) they said everything was fine. Three weeks later, we got a bill for $319. If he couldn’t be more accurate than that, maybe he should not work on Saturdays. From all this I’ve told you, I am just a little aggravated. I look at it like this – he could have let us know of any issues that following monday which did not take place. It seemed he was only interested in selling a car and not really in dealing with customers.

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