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I was doing fine until your Finance Depart. torpedoed me… and then your Service Depart.. tried BSing my better-half… I used a portion of my 401k as a down payment on my CRV.. The money wouldn’t be in the bank for 2 weeks.. (Employee) wanted a check to hold until the money came in.. The check got cashed!!! And I was running up and back to the bank to get this straightened out.. and almost ruined my (nearly ) prefect credit rating !! I had a hitch put on by your Service Dept.. After getting the car back, I noticed the muffler hanging down. The car went back and your Service Dept.. said.. “The rubber muffler mounting grommets are lubricated and the muffler slipped off the rubber mounts!!??? I know the muffler has to be taken down to but the trailer hitch on … Bottom line after putting on the hitch they didn’t but the muffler on … I thought that for all the running around with the bank, and almost ruining my good credit rating.. Getting BSed by your Service Dept.. And all the Emotional distress..There would be some monetary compensation.. Other than.. (Dealership) Honda saying that they would compensate me for any checks that were bounced.. Do to your Finance Dept… But I received no compensation at all. I’m Not a happy camper.. and would not recommend (Dealership) Honda to any one.. This was my First New Car, My first Foreign Car. It should have been a special experience.. But Not At (Dealership) Honda !!

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