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I drove over an hour because (Dealership) had the vehicle I wanted. The sales process went well and the last piece was talking to the sales manager Derrick. I advised him that I already had financing thru USAA and that it takes 3 days for the loan to go thru and that he needed to submit the paperwork in a timely manor. Since this was a sat and of labor day weekend, I knew the best that could be done was the following Tuesday, and I was OK with that. However He did not submit the paperwork on Tuesday. I called on Tuesday and was told by the salesman he did. I followed up with USAA on Wednesday morning, no paperwork submitted, and Derrick off for the next 2 days. I called back 3 times on Wednesday just to ensure that the paperwork was done. and while it did get done, it had to be done twice as the first set used wrong numbers. for the next 2 days I must have made 20 phone calls trying to follow up…I even tried the General Manager who did not take my calls. I walked in there with the money to buy the truck all they had to do was fill in the blanks & they couldn’t even get that right I would not recommend (Dealership) to anyone, even my enemy!!!!!

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