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You ordered a window to replace mine that was broken… that’s good. You called me to bring the car down and get it replaced… so far so good. I send the car to Shreveport (90 miles from where I live) Then you called me and told me there was a problem… my window could not be replaced because a broken or unsuitable part was shipped to you. Well I am not happy.. Why did you call me without checking the shipment that came in (you said that checking the shipment was part of your protocol.)?? I needed my car for the weekend to travel out of town. Janice tells me I could just keep the rental car which had been rented to us for the few hours while my car was supposed to have been fixed. Meaning drive the rental car for the weekend and then drive the 90 miles back to Shreveport to get the window replaced. That’s the dumbest proposal you should ever make to a Benz owner… Why am I riding in the Benz then???? I could be riding three of any type of care for the price of a Benz… In fact I also have a 2012 Toyota which I keep for guests and whatever else… I was absolutely not going to return on another day to get this done… Well after all that was said an done, the car was fixed same day and sent back… No word of apology… None… Mistakes happen to all of us everyday but it’s poor business when you or your manager cannot get on the phone and apologize for a mistake you made. Mercedes has a certain quality of customer service that all dealers are compelled to uphold.. This type of service does not meet the standards of mercedes Benz service. I’m sorry!

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