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I came in to get new tires put on my car. When I made my appointment and placed the order for my tires, I notified both people that I wanted nitrogen in my tires. It took two hours to the tires and alignment to get done. The service guy came to the waiting room to inform me that I needed an alignment. Which I agreed to. Then 2 hours later when I get home, I noticed that they put regular air i my tires vs Nitrogen. I called the dealership all frustrated that I wasted 2 hours waiting only to have to come back and get Nitrogen put in my tires. My old tires had Nitrogen in my tires. Why did the service guy not inquire about the Nitrigen when he came to talk to me about the alignment. I knew it was an additional cost but I was willing to pay it. The service guy offered me $10 off but that offer does not make up for the 1 hour I have to waste waiting for Nitrogen to be put in my tires. The only reason I got my new tires done at the dealership is because that is the only place I can get Nitrogen in my tires. Very disappointed in the lack of customer service.

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