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quit selling cars . go get a real job where you actualy earn your money! and you will see that you don’t EARN it you are thieves having your way in an un regulated market! just like the housing market, being upside down means you sold it for more than its WORTH its that simple! it brought that market down and it will get yours too ! your used car department is a joke for the consumer! brought a car back once for a leaking rear hatch which had it less than a month and your salesman told me to get a job and fix it myself! im disabled, he knew the car leaked before he sold it. because he dodged my calls after the sale !! second car engine light came on immediately service manager said he got water on the plug wires when he washed it! what a joke!! guess who fixed it the disabled guy while you guys worried about moving to your new building and dodging responsibility! that same vehichle also had rear broke shocks and 3 different kinds of tire on it ! you guessed it the disabled guy fixed that too . but that’s the way its supposed to be right did I mention im upside down on that car. well you get the idea, thers plenty more, just don’t feel like waisting anymore time helping (Dealership) take advantage of the public enjoy your wealth (owner’s name).

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