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How we do it?

responsive-erepeReputationBUILDING is a process, not an event. We utilize proven best practices to first correct all your online listings, then send a mobile-enabled video email to your clients that will proactively build your online reputation. This video thanks the customer for their purchase and asks them to leave a review by simply clicking on the review site button.

Not Satisfied ButtonWe also provide a “Not Satisfied” button that leads the unhappy customer away from online review sites and gives you the ability to contact them directly so you can correct the problem. This successfully prevents a customer from leaving a scathing review online for the whole world to see.


sm-blu-pent Superior email inbox placement

sm-blu-pent Professional HTML email template design

sm-blu-pent Video email that increases engagement

sm-blu-pent “Not Satisfied” button to stop bad reviews

sm-blu-pent Direct buttons to review sites

sm-blu-pent Mobile-enabled emails (43% of emails are read on a mobile device)

sm-blu-pent Online listings corrected and optimized

sm-blu-pent Improves organic SEO

sm-blu-pent Notification of customer issues

sm-blu-pent Automated process ensures timely communication

sm-blu-pent Improves customer satisfaction

sm-blu-pent Generates repeat business

sm-blu-pent Email is superior to Social Media (Read the CNN report)


eReputationBUILDER is a comprehensive program designed to clean up and fix online listings and proactively build online reputation by use of video email.

Our program utilizes the industry’s best practices and is Google Approved.



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