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Chrysler PAP Eligible Marketing

Conquest sales come from a targeted and measurable marketing approach. Cactus Sky has developed a proven Conquest Marketing System that effectively delivers your message to the right prospects.  Below are examples of campaigns that have been deployed for Chrysler’s NEBC.  Click on the image to see the full campaign and the results. We have the ability to target prospects by various factors including competitive makes, lease expiries, and other demographic filters.

Memorial Day Promotion

Black Friday Promotion

End Of Year Promotion

Spring Clearance 2016 Promotion

Black Friday 2016 Promotion

1.8 Million Emails
14.86% CTR

2.1 Million Emails
13.21% CTR

2.7 Million Emails
12.7% CTR

607,117 Emails
14.63% CTR

Presidents Day Promotion

Summer Clearance Promotion

4th of July Promotion

CDJR Dealerships

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