Apr 5, 2015 6:06 PM

Well, I took my RV in for three problems
1- leakage inside RV
2- Refrigerator not working on gas mode
3- the latch for side entry to the RV
I was charged $135 for inspection which I was told they will fix what they can if not I pay for extra hours of labor. and then I was charged another $200 for repairing the Refrigerator and the leakage which I was told it is from toilet, I paid for the parts and labor of $200. but after three days it was the same as before refrigerator was not working and the leakage was still there and the latch was jamming, still.
I went back and explained the problems again, I was charged for parts to fix the refrigerator but the latch and the leakage did not get fixed and yet I was charged at first visit to the problems that I pointed out. I am not sure if I explained myself properly, but if you call me I can talk about it more. My RV still has the leakage and the door latch jammed.
Please don’t miss understand me, the people at BlueDog RV are wonderful they did their best to accommodate me, but the corporate policy limited them from doing more, such as fixing the leak and the door jammed