I am satisfied with the work that was done, but I am not satisfied with the cost. More and more I have noticed the cost of the service more than I believe it should cost. I have some members in my family that are mechanics, but I go to you b/c of your convenience and promptness. Also since I bought my car from your location and have it serviced there for just about everything it would be nice to have your service employees offer discounts that are in your flyers, rather than me having to go on line to look from prior flyers and telling them to apply the discount. I will be in need for a new car in the next year (current Honda Accord with over 145,000 miles). Your service promptness and convenience is second to none, but I am contemplating if I want to deal with a 2nd Toyota (within our family) and the cost of high service prices.

Mar 5, 2015 10:19 AM